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Tyler Terrell

Bass Guitar/Vocals

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What can you say about Bass players? There is more than the old joke…A Bass player walks into a bar… it could happen! Seriously, I challenge everyone out there in cyberland to go see a live band. Now, listen to the Bass player. Bass players are the funkiest guys on the face of the planet. Tyler Terrell takes this to a whole other level, and thus Fat Brass Inc to a whole other world! Tyler is so solid on the bass, that he actually forces FBI drummer Tony Giovannini to smile… and smile he does.

Tyler Terrell, Bass Guitar was born and raised in the Green Bay area. He attended De Pere High School and after graduation attended the Armed Forces School of Music where he graduated 1st in his class. Interestingly enough, Tyler was a trumpet player at the school, an instrument he still plays today, and didn't pick up a bass guitar until 1996. His influences read like a who's who of music: Larry Graham, Lee Morgan, John Coltrane and the immortal Bill Chase. Tyler has performed with the likes of Juggling Penguins (a band he was in with FBI drummer Tony Giovannini – where they both played different instruments than the ones they play in FBI), Cab Fare, Coconut Grove, Direct Pressure, The Choice, Emergency Exit, Jamus, Untiy the Band, Jet Set Radio, Sczrombacque String Band and the Jason Kruk Blues/Funk Explosion.

But there is another side of Tyler that no really knows about. Tyler, in his own words, "has a penchant for the unusual," and "is addicted to buying and selling gear." This guy has so many axes that he could probably go through a whole year's gigs and never repeat a guitar! Also, he can lick his own elbow, a thought that even now as I type this haunts me… no one can be THAT flexible! He even owns a hearse. Why? I have no idea!

Tyler works for the Wisconsin National Guard, and enjoys spending time with his wife… following her orders to remodel their home! Hey Tyler… my bathroom needs to be redone!